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   cake clinic

introducing CAKE CLINIC, for the passionate and aspiring baker! from cracking the eggs & sifting the flour to icing the cake and perfecting the design, we will cover it all! spend the morning with me in an interactive, ask-me-anything d.i.y. course where each student goes home with 2 fresh cakes! we will bake & make individual cakes, mix&color icing, and learn expert decorating techniques! enjoy a light lunch by chefAllison as we work on our creative confections! i share my recipes, shortcuts, and lessons from my crazy baker life, giving you a fast track to fun & top-notch results in the kitchen! Go to SHOP page to register!



10 openings for Spring Clinic


Saturday, April 21 9am-1pm

The Kitchen @A.S.Eats

312 S. Ashland Ave.

Lexington, KY

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